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Seeking a Right Livelihood presented at Hospice and Palliative Connections July 25, 2014

Posted over 4 years ago by Stephanie Desiderio

Do you struggle to live and work morally? Our world is rapidly changing - partly due to technology, legal and social factors. To live a life in harmony with inner values and the expression of compassion, one must reflect on the impact of our actions. Steve Broe has been interviewing people about their careers and leadership choices since 2007.  He will share a personal and meaningful perspective on the challenge of "Seeking a Right Livelihood.

Dr. Broe is an executive coach who focuses on personal performance and transformational leadership for mid-career leaders in business and education. He grounds his work on the personal values of freedom, integrity, and creative expression. Well-known as a speaker and a mentor to leaders in Arizona, Steve gives his time frequently to nonprofit organizations.

He is a creative thinker dedicated to personal growth, expanding useful knowledge enjoyed in the context of a humorous disposition. Steve has over 25 years of management experience in education, real estate, and private asset management. He served as the senior level manager for a multi-state organization with over 120 employees. He has three times received a Toastmasters International Leadership Excellence award.


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