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Posted over 4 years ago by Stephanie Desiderio

4. Treasurer
a) Responsibilities
1. Develop an annual chapter budget, based on the review of the budget from the previous year and the goals and objectives of the chapter as approved by the Chapter Executive Board. (Refer to HPNA Chapter Treasurer's Handbook).
2. Supervise the financial transactions of the chapter.
3. Maintain chapter financial records associated with the office of Treasurer in compliance with the policies and procedures established by the Chapter Executive Board and the national HPNA.
4. Collect annual dues from chapter members.
5. Assist the Membership Committee in maintaining an accurate chapter membership roster.
6. Maintain systematic and accurate records of all chapter revenues and expenditures.
7. Prepare Treasurer's Reports for the chapter President to sign and submit to HPNA National by published dates.
8. Prepare a Treasurer's Report for presentation at each meeting of the Chapter Executive Board and the general chapter membership business meeting.
9. Perform other responsibilities designated by the Chapter Executive Board or the national HPNA.