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One Year Free Membership to Students - what do you think?

Posted about 2 years ago by Stephanie Desiderio

Thank you in advance for your comments, pros and cons; for discussion at upcoming board meetings. We want to hear from you. Go!


Cindy Krogh about 2 years ago

What a fantastic idea! Especially with the national conference right around the corner.
I believe I heard HPNA members would have a discounted national conference price point?
For students this would be most appreciated I am sure - as well as information on scholarship opportunities for attendees

Stephanie Desiderio about 2 years ago

Yes, Cindy active members of our local chapter will be given a reduced registration rate for AAHPM 2017. These are all good reasons to allow more opportunities for those who are beginning their nursing careers to gain more dynamic knowledge of the hospice and palliative world.

Nikki Ruggles about 2 years ago

This is an awesome Idea! It would be such an encouragement to students, and add energy to our membership and activities.

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