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Central-West Valley Meeting Location

Posted almost 2 years ago by Stephanie Desiderio

Hello Phoenix Chapter Mmebers,

During our election; there was interest expressed for a West Valley meeting location. I would like to get more feedback from those interested; potential meeting locations, speakers, etc. Please post your comments.

Warm Regards,



Heather Baker almost 2 years ago


Casey Hughes almost 2 years ago

Our Northern Arizona (Flagstaff & Verde Valley) Palliative Care team members are interested in how we can plug into your monthly meetings. Driving to your meetings deems to be problematic due to distance, weather, etc. Is there a way that we can Zoom into your monthly meetings? I have joined, but have not been able to attend the meetings. Any suggestions, help in regards to this is much appreciated.

Stephanie Desiderio almost 2 years ago

I am open to discussing ways to have you all join monthly meeting via AV technology. Lets talk soon to explore options. And perhaps we can plan a live meeting with you all over the summer months; Friday or Saturday brunch time?

Susanne One Love almost 2 years ago

How about a Saturday brunch meeting in May June July August up in Flag? We could complete some CE's and discuss Hpar progress and how to etc? What do you think?

Susanne One Love almost 2 years ago

How about HPNA sponsoring a water station at Climb to Comquer Cancer in Flag in August 19 and a retreat too for the weekend?

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